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New website and a new mission

I started my “professional” career in the summer of 2010 after I graduated from the University of Oregon. I quickly had some downtime after I tore my ACL for the second time at my first “professional” meet, the USA Championships and that’s when I decided to make my first website. I had this big idea that I would write blogs, post photos and videos and keep my friends and family up to date on my comeback from injury. I coined it ...continue reading
4 years ago

Building of Perseverance

I just got back from China with what seems like nothing but bad news. It's hard for me to pinpoint what has been wrong with my throwing, but my first two competitions of the year have been far from what I was expecting. To tell you the truth, I left China in embarrassment, but also with hope to still finish my season strong. Not a secret that I call myself a Christian, and praise God for the talent and opportunities he has given me; but ...continue reading
5 years ago

Beijing Bound

Some of the best news since I made the Olympic Games last year is a huge opportunity that I just received to throw in Beijing, China! It's a big meet with some great competitors and an opportunity to gain experience. Sadly I will be missing one of my favorite US meets in Arizona the Tucson Elite Throws Classic. It is one of my favorites because of the great atmosphere, the perfect weather, the night air, and I always seem to surprise ...continue reading
5 years ago

Biggest Decision

I made one of the biggest decisions of my track and field career the other week. I finally made the push to be a full-time athlete. I pride myself in working hard on and off the track. I have had the privilege of working for some great companies that have worked with my training schedule to allow me to improve in my sport, while maintaining a foot in the doorway to my career after I retire. I didn't go to college just for athletics; I ...continue reading
5 years ago

Post-meet Oregon Twilight

I finally started my season at the Oregon Twilight. Seems like yesterday was the Olympic Games but watching everyone finish their seasons when I am just starting mine really makes it feel like a long time. I am really not happy with my performance, but I am going to use the poor outcome to motivate me to work harder, and throw farther at the next meet. I finished up second place with 74.93m (245'10") well off of the goal I had in my ...continue reading
5 years ago