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Duff-Man Strikes Again

USATF removes legendary coach and four World Championships Team members from their Training Center residency programs without reason or notice last week. It is the latest in a string of annual mistakes that goes unnoticed to the public. I complained about USATF Training Center oversight errors back in the summer of 2015 but no one seemed to care. I was just one pissed off athlete that was taking things too personally. What is the ...continue reading
3 months ago

Continuing my season in Germany

While World Championships may be over that doesn’t mean my season is done. It would seem odd if football teams continued to compete after the Super Bowl, or NBA teams kept playing after the playoffs, but that’s exactly what we do in track and field. World Championships finished up on August 14th, but some of the biggest competitions in the European circuit are still yet to come. I was lucky enough to find a good training base in Jena ...continue reading
5 months ago

Not enough in London

Qualifying round of the London World Championships just finished up and the results are in. It was the hardest final in Championship history to make, and sadly, I fell short once again. It was an amazing day at the London Stratford Stadium. Last time I was here was in 2012 at the Olympic Games. I was recovering from a knee injury, and only managed to throw 75.76 meters (248-7). This year was a chance at redemption. Redemption from the ...continue reading
5 months ago

Who really won the Shot?

Tom Walsh of New Zealand was crowned the champion of the men’s shot put competition at the World Championships in London. But who threw the farthest? Four Americans were in the final, including reigning World Champion Joe Kovacs and 2016 Olympic Champion Ryan Crouser. Walsh took an early lead in the second round with a throw of 21.64m (71 feet) and didn’t let up the entire competition. He later put the final nail in the coffin by ...continue reading
6 months ago

Why I don’t acknowledge Justin Gatlin’s existence

On Saturday, Justin Gatlin became the men’s 100m dash World Champion; clocking in at 9.92 seconds. The race was close, with three athletes leaning at the finish, and no one quite sure who won. The athletes awaited the outcome; watching the results monitor. As the results appeared the entire crowd at the Stratford Olympic Stadium began to boo in unison. Justin Gatlin had beat Usain Bolt. Why were 57,000 fans booing? Because they know ...continue reading
6 months ago

Chasing Down the Dream

On Friday July 21st the top javelin throwers in North America battled it out in hopes to qualify for the World Championships. “It’s the way a track meet should be run. Top athletes, beautiful venue, energetic music, and interactive demos. Everyone had a blast!” said two time Olympian and men’s javelin competitor Sean Furey. Chasing Down the Dream was an event for athletes who were chasing the World Championships qualifying ...continue reading
6 months ago

6 weeks off 6 weeks on

After an amazing 2016 season I took some time off and had a little vacation time, but now I am 6 weeks deep into training and things are feeling awesome! I returned from the Olympic Games to find out the house I was renting was being sold and I needed to vacate immediately. Problem was, I was also being told I had no access to the Olympic Training Center too. That’s right, nowhere to live or train after the best season of my ...continue reading
1 year ago

Blast in Berlin

I just finished up my 2016 season with another 80m throw in Berlin. It was the most fun I have had at a meet in a really long time. I was hungry to throw farther, but I can’t complain since it was my 8th best competition of my career. A couple weeks ago I competed in Paris; it was a great city but all the travels must have taken its toll on my body and I didn’t throw well. I flew to Germany where I could get a couple training ...continue reading
1 year ago

Throwing around the World

It’s been almost a month since I left my home in California, but I have been traveling all over the world with something to prove. I won the Olympic Trials this year which gave me the great opportunity to represent America in the 2016 Olympics. I may have left a day after my 30th birthday but I didn’t bother to buy a return ticket home. My goals were big; make the Olympic Final, compete to the best of my ability, and continue to ...continue reading
1 year ago

Second Chances

So many people dream of making it to the Olympics; few understand how hard it is to make it there. 2016 is proof that this is the hardest team to make. So many veterans missed the team this year, and so many teenagers proved their spot on the team. The standards are higher than ever in the javelin and I count myself lucky to be on such a fantastic team. But now is when training has been the hardest on me. It is a mental grind. The track ...continue reading
1 year ago