Top 10 of Germany

10: Weather

The weather is better than Oregon. I keep getting told that normally they have snow by October and November and that the temperatures are normally much colder but this year it’s a lot warmer 40-50° F. And while it has rained a bit here it’s much lighter and not as long. In Oregon it rains all day every day and I have heard has been super cold in the States this year, so I dodged a bullet there.

9: Pudding

I constantly recognize my German heritage everywhere! People are in love with pudding like I am, they also like meats and cheese, and the price of fruit is super cheap, which great because it’s probably 90% of my diet!

8: Health Care

Seems to be the biggest topic in America right now but in Germany getting treatment for injuries seems to be super cheap and easy to get.

7: Cost of Living

The price of things are NOT outrageous. I assumed I would double the cost of living from America while I am here for 5 weeks, but honestly prices of things are about the same; even after you factor in Euro to USD.

6: Riding your Bike

The streets may be narrow but it might be that they put 2 wide bike lanes on each side that are painted bright green near intersections to create awareness. I find drivers much more aware of bikers in Germany. And this is coming from a person that lives in Eugene where pedestrians and bikers have the right away.

5: Radiant Heat

If you have ever stepped on a cold tile floor after your shower and thought you might die then you should come to Germany. They run their hot water pipes back and forth under the floor so that it makes the floor warm to the touch. You can find this in America, but I don’t think it is as common. As for me I think I will spend most of my day in the bathroom.

4: Traveling to Other Countries

In many ways it’s easier than traveling within the states. A 30 minute drive gets me to Strasbourg France and there is no border check to see if I am bringing any fruits into the country (Oregon to California border). Trains are also so much faster; so you are a couple hours from Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium and so much more. But be careful, countries like France are a lot more expensive!

3: No Track Politics

If I want to train at 10 am I can. If I want to train at 6 pm I do. There are no restrictions, no politics, no one asking, “What have you done for me lately?” or saying I haven’t thrown far enough to deserve something. Everyone is very supportive and just wants the sport to grow. I don’t belong to their club, university, or country, but they still support me.

2: History

No matter where you look there is so much history. All the buildings are 100 plus years old. America hasn’t been around long enough to come close to the history that can be found anywhere in Germany.

1: Facilities

The facilities are specifically made for throwing the javelin no matter what time of year! They have a huge garage door and you throw the javelin outside while you stay comfortably indoors. Also the heaters are on all the time at their indoor facility, so I no longer have to crank the heat and wait 2 hours to get warm like I do under the grandstands at Hayward.


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4 years ago