Bringin’ the heat!

Spring is almost here and that can only mean one thing… Outdoor season is soon! I am so excited. All javelin throwers perk up around this time because they have been training so hard throughout the fall and winter, while the rest of the track athletes compete at cross country and indoors. We are like caged animals, and all the sweat, blood, and hours of training are finally about to pay off.

I can’t contain how excited I am for this year. Not really sure why. Usually around this time of the year I am feeling so beat up from winter lifting that I am already pondering how I am going to survive another 4+ months of a competitive track season.

Another little thing that javelin throwers can relate to is the excitement for warm weather. I know almost everyone enjoys warm weather, but throwing indoors doesn’t produce the special feeling of throwing the javelin outside. And most of the time we tough it out in the harsh elements just to watch the beautiful flight of a javelin. And when the temperatures rise it’s like a cute girl is watching and we have to impress everyone.

In Oregon it hit 62 degrees and sunny and I was living in pure ecstasy. You think I am joking but it  could not be more serious. My joints feel lubed, my arm feels good, my feet feel fast, and I feel strong.

Naturally we were able to throw outside and it was amazing! Probably one of my best practices in years. It’s still quite early in the season so I wasn’t hitting perfect positions, but I was really able to feel some things that I haven’t in a long time.

Our main focus is always our weakest link, and since I have had three knee surgeries we are always working on our approach. It’s honestly a good starting point for any javelin thrower since it sets you up for the rest of the throw.

Building speed on the runway and controlling that speed through delivery is how you get far throws.

When describing throwing the javelin I always tell people it’s like throwing a paper airplane for distance. You don’t wind up and throw it as hard as you can like a baseball. You have to fineness it if you want it to go far. After learning how to fineness the javelin you can slowly add more and more speed and strength as long as you stay in control. In the end it’s what I call “controlled chaos.”

We threw outside in the sun the other day and throughout the day I displayed control and I displayed chaos, but never quite at the same time. I could tell the pieces were there and that with minor refinement that this was going to be a great year.

I guess that’s why I am so excited about the outdoor season. I feel how close I am to competing and I have so much confidence in this year. When other years I was held back by injury, weather, poor practice, or stress; I just feel at peace this year.

It’s a great feeling to have going into the year.

While the weather continues to heat up in Oregon I know that my practices will too. Hopefully I can get a camera out there and show you some of my training. Until then check out my unofficial schedule for the year.

Unofficial Competition Schedule

Date Name Location
 4/19 Mt. SAC Relays  Walnut, CA
 5/9 Oregon Twilight (Maybe)  Eugene, OR
 5/24 Tucson Elite Classic  Tucson, AZ
 5/31 Prefontaine Classic  Eugene, OR
 6/26-6/29 USA Championships  Sacramento, CA
 7/6 Edmonton International Track Classic  Edmonton, Canada
 7/8 Victoria International Track Classic  Victoria, Canada
 7/10 Harry Jerome International  Vancouver, Canada

Shortly after the meets in Canada I will probably fly to Germany and set up a base camp in Offenburg where I can get ready for European competitions. From Germany it will be very easy/cheap to fly or take a train to competitions and get lots of experience.

As always #TrainBIG and #KeepFighting

4 years ago